Falcon Consulting is directed by Serkan Dogan, a highly experienced WHS leader.

Providing you with the services to reduce your injuries, better your safety performance and improve outcomes for your workforce.

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Why Falcon, Falcon Consulting

Equipped with a unique blend of interpersonal and technical skills, backed by extensive practical experiences required to smoothly navigate and galvanise the various multiple stakeholders in the WHS world;

  • Internal Staff;
  • External Regulators;
  • Medical Practitioners;
  • Insurance Companies

Over the past 13 years, Serkan has delivered optimal outcomes and provided WHS, workers compensation and Recovery @ Work consultation and advice to employers, state-government agencies and local governments, including top and low-tier self-insured organisations, treasury managed fund agencies and mum/dad contractors.

Serkan is a specialist in the dynamic environment that local government is.

Having used his lived-experience, Serkan is an advisor for the State Insurance Regulatory Authority’s (SIRA) Mental Health Recovery @ Work Reference Group.

He has a passion to drive every business leader to lead through fostering a positive safety culture and can mentor or coach your team of safety leaders to ensure compliance and that they’re doing the utmost to protect your people.

Imagine that you are a restaurant or a construction company, with Falcon, you can confidently know you have implemented all the precautions and can demonstrate the right process and remediation in place for all workplace safety matters on demand. Not only will this result in overall improved productivity but also give you the competitive advantage to win tenders, bids for bigger contracts and new business development.

And for when things go wrong, we help you help your people in the best way that you can.

Why Falcon, Falcon Consulting

WHS isn’t just a cost item on your bottomline, it’s good business. Let Falcon unlock this hidden potential for you.

Whether you’re a local council, a small to medium business owner or a large corporation, Falcon applies the same degree of fervent detailed analysis and prepares the most appropriate and economical plans to incite positive impact. Let Falcon improve your bottomline.
Are you an insurance company or a broker looking for a WHS/Injury Management/Recovery @ Work Specialist to customer interface and win you more business? Let’s work together.


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